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The Art of Hearing God



Streams courses are powerful, life changing classes authored by John Paul Jackson, founder of Streams Ministries International.




Dr. Shannon Culpepper was trained an mentored personally by the late John Paul Jackson. She served as a pastor on staff at the Bridge Orlando, as well as a Training Center Director for John Paul Jackson, Founder of Streams Ministries International.


Dr. Shannon teaches the following Streams courses: 

The Art of Hearing God

Understanding Dreams & Visions





Shannon Culpepper was trained by John Paul Jackson in Dallas, Texas and is a Streams Certified Teacher who teaches these powerful courses all over the world. Shannon has studied under John Paul's ministry for over 10 year and has extensive ministry experience teaching Streams courses for many years as a Streams Training Center Director in Orlando, as well as as currently serves as a Streams teacher trainer for trainees.


 Shannon is currently teaching the following classes for Streams Ministries International:



The Art of Hearing God Course is designed to train students to hear the voice of the Lord and to develop greater intimacy with Him. Courses are generally taught as a three-day intensive.


  • Three Pillars of Prophetic Ministry
  • Prophetic Time Periods
  • Five Levels of Listening
  • Knowing God's Voice
  • Practical Tips for Delivering a Word
  • Prophetic Servanthood and Authority
  • Metaphorical Understanding
  • Fellowship of the Spirit
  • Spiritual Authority
  • Spirit of Lawlessness in the Church
  • Role, Purpose, and Function of the Church
  • Godward Meditation
  • Old and New Testament Terms for "Prophet"
  • Distinguishing Between Prophets and Psychics
  • Comparison of Left-Brain and Right-Brain Characteristics
  • Role, Purpose, and Function of Prophetic Ministry in the Church


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Understanding Dreams and Visions


understanding dandv

Understanding Dreams and Visions offers a powerful source of insight and inspiration filled with supernatural adventure and prophetic insight. This course reveals in greater depth of how God speaks through dreams and visions. It consists of 21 hours of teaching. In addition to class time, optional homework assignments are provided.


  • Introduction to Visions 
  • Biblical Terminology for Dreams and Visions
  • History of Dreams from God
  • Dreams: God's Night Parables
  • Basic Types and Symbols
  • Intuitive Dream Recording
  • Basic Interpretation Skills
  • Dream Function
  • 20 Categories of Dreams
  • Spectrums of Light
  • Parabolic Principles in Dreams
  • Elements of Dreams
  • Colors in Dreams
  • Five Ways of Recording Dreams
  • How to Remember Your Dreams
  • Developing Your Dream Vocabulary

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