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Intensive Prophetic Training

NEW TRAINING SCHOOL LAUNCHING! Be trained and activated to flow in the prophetic. Attend Dr. Shannon Culpepper's Intensive Prophetic Training School. Don't miss this life-changing destiny training'll never be the same! 


INTENSIVEPROPHETICTRAINING565 2Intensive Prophetic Training (IPT) 

Course Authoried and taught by Dr. Shannon Culpepper

IPT includes teaching, classroom practice exercises, prophetic demonstration, and impartation.

Event Description:

Course Details:
You will be trained and activated in the gift of prophecy.
Your faith will dramatically increase.
Your heart will be refreshed in the presence of God.
You will increase in your knowledge of the Word of God.
You will be sensitized to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit.
You will understand how to flow effectively in your gift to be a blessing to others and learn hindrances to avoid.
You will learn to recognize and discern the false prophetic.
People will be impacted through your ministry as you learn to flow in prophecy. 

Intensive Prophetic Training (IPT) Class Details:

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