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by Dr. Henry Malone



The Dynamic 2-5-14 Strategy to Defeat the Darkness Within. This book is for the tired, the defeated, the frustrated, and the ashamed. For the hurt and broken, those walking in powerlessness and fear. For all who have found truth, but are failing miserably at living it. For those walking in bondage and limitations imposed by forces over which they seem to have no control. For those secretly wondering why their lives don't portray the overcoming reality God has purposed. For those to whom it seems a strong unseen hand holds them to a course they feel incapable of changing.

"Moments with God Dream Journal (Hardcover)"
by John Paul Jackson



John Paul Jackson's unique approach to dream recording will help you gain rewarding spiritual insights into your nightly adventures with God.

Included in this journal are:
- A 25 page overview on dreams
- Three color wheels
- Sample journal entries designed to help you to record your dreams.

 The majority of this full-color journal contains specially designed forms to illustrate and interpret your dreams and begin a dream vocabulary.

"I AM: 365 Names of God (CD with narrative)"
by John Paul Jackson



Did you know that God's names are full of power?

Simply hearing them spoken along with rich musical accompaniment become's a powerful experience in worship that is sure to change the spiritual atmosphere in your room, office, or your entire home. Inspired by the hardcover book by the same title, listen as John Paul Jackson declares 365 names of God that will guide you into becoming a person who consistently abides in God's presence. God's names are a disclosure of God Himself. This CD is also beneficial for setting the tone before small group meetings and prayer services. Highly recommended!

"Developing Your Prophetic Gift (4CDs)"
by John Paul Jackson



Prophetic Gift Series
Get to the next level faster!
Mature in your prophetic gifting so that you can more easily follow God's path for your life.
Gain insight that can help you sidestep mistakes before they occur.
Learn how to live in harmony with church leadership and be a blessing to those with whom you come in contact.
Understand the role of the prophetic in the local church.
Prophetic gifts will help you and your church, but only if they're used with wisdom.
In this volume, John Paul Jackson reveals principles he has learned through more than twenty-five years of operating in the prophetic. This will help you get to the place and destiny God has for you in Him.
Packed with wisdom and humility, a mature and seasoned voice addresses the delicate issues that celebrate the joy of operating in revelatory gifts. Over the years of learning by trial and error, John Paul Jackson has found certain truths and guidelines that can help you sidestep mistakes before they happen. You'll discover insights about responding to the prophetic call on your life and how to pastor other prophetic voices in your church.

Understanding_Dreams__Visions "Understanding Dreams and Visions (6 CD Set)"
by John Paul Jackson



Dreams and Supernatural Series

New Release of Digitally Re-mastered Edition!
Not understanding a dream is like having an unread letter from God!
You will receive more than 15,000 of these letters from God in your lifetime - don't waste a single one!
This series will shift your perspective and give you understanding that will:
-Release your passion for God, help you gain direction, cause you to be inspired
-Thwart evil plans that keep you from dreaming and understanding your dreams.
-Propel you in power toward your destiny
It will help you discover that God is actively involved in the details of your life as well as understand what is important to God for your life.
Become open to the mysteries of God like never before.
It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter. Proverbs 25:2
In this series, you will also learn about:

  • the meanings of colors and numbers
  • 20 dream categories
  • 4 methods of interpretation
  • common dreams
  • personal dream languages
  • spiritual and natural laws
  • word plays
  • imagery
  • riddles
  • and much, much more!

From dreams and visions to translations and transportations, you won't want to miss these fascinating insights from a gifted dream expert. Dreams can stay with us for years. What does the Bible say about dreams and visions? At the end of this series, you will have taken a major step toward understanding what God says to you in the night hours. You will be able to walk in greater obedience and submission. Whether you are just realizing the value of dreams or have spent years searching the Scriptures for meaning, this teaching will help launch you into a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with God. Be inspired as you unravel the mysteries of dream interpretation in this comprehensive 6-CD study and discover how to apply God-given insights in your waking life.

*This series does not include the material covered in Streams Institute for Spiritual Development Course : Understanding Dreams and Visions. For more information on the course, go to our website's homepage and under Training, select the Understanding Dreams and Visions course page.

By Henry Malone



SHAME: Identity Thief traces how shame has stolen man's true identity beginning with Adam and Eve. You will discover how shame has placed an impossible burden on all of us. You will gain insight into how culture, religion and even families have reinforced the lie to give us a shame-based life. Most of all, you will learn the avenue to restore your identity and be who you are.

"Shame told me that there was something fundamentally wrong with me and that everyone knew about it. I willingly accepted that I did wrong because somehow, I was wrong. I did not make a mistake; I was a mistake. Life then became a task to do rather than a journey to enjoy. I had bought into the lie. As you read SHAME: Identity Thief, you will find the principles that will give you the keys to unlock and break free from shame. You will then be able to enjoy living in the light – living without a mask." --- from the introduction.




A unique kit with instructions, scriptures, oil and stakes to use to dedicate your property to the Lord.

by Dr. Henry Malone



Portals—They exist all around the earth and open a door to the presence of God or to the demonic. Step into the realm of the supernatural with Portals To Cleansing by Dr. Henry Malone. Page after page you'll discover how spiritual ground is taken and how it is released. You'll learn keys to reclaiming your land, home, possessions and animals from the power of Satan and his demonic forces. You'll experience the peace the comes form the cleansing of all you possess. And you'll walk into a portal of God's presence that will take you deeper into the realm of the spirit and change your life forever. "As the warfare of the end-time increases, and tribulation is upon us, it becomes ever more crucial that especially our homes and church buildings remain clean places of rest and security. I recommend that every Christian who would be a workman who needs not to be ashamed make Portals to Cleansing a requisite portion of his study. Our families deserve to be at rest, safe in our Lord Jesus Christ." John Loren Sanford, Co-founder, Elijah House Inc.

Boundaries "Boundaries"
by Dr. Henry Cloud &
Dr. John Townsend



Are you in control of your life? Do people take advantage of you? Do you have trouble saying no? Christians often focus so much on being loving and giving that they forget their own limitations. Have you ever found yourself wondering: Can I set limits and still be a loving person? How do I answer someone who wants my time, love, energy, or money? Why do I feel guilty when I consider setting boundaries? In this Gold Medallion Award-winning book, Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend give you biblically based answers to these and other tough questions, and show you how to set healthy boundaries with your parents, spouse, children, friends, coworkers, and even yourself.

by John and Paula Sandford



Turn the hearts of men to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers. The Holy Spirit has much for you to accomplish in these final days…and there will be challenges. It is time that Christians completely understand the roles, discipline and training, commission, and heart of those called to fulfill the Elijah task. The Elijah Task is filled with spiritual discoveries that will effect dynamic changes in your heart as you step out of your comfort zone and into His call on your life.

Restoring unity and resurrecting the church's capacity to hear from God is vital today. John and Paula Sandford clearly explain:

•    What it means to be called and trained as a prophet or intercessor.
•    How to understand dreams and visions and hear directly from God.
•    How to fulfill the functions of speaking God's Word within the body.
•    How to lead others in the most urgent work of intercession.
•    What it means to invite God to come between man and his sin by way of the cross.
•    Why it is important for the body to work in unity.

authority-in-prayer-cover00 "AUTHORITY IN PRAYER"
by Dutch Sheets



You absolutely can reign in life and be the overcomer God intends you to be, taking charge of your personal world and changing the world around you. You don't have to allow sin, Satan, or the circumstances of life to weigh you down. Beginning with your private world—your thoughts, body, actions, and ultimately your God-ordained destiny—you can take charge. Authority is yours for the taking. Then, because God established and so honors the principle of authority, He will back you as you walk in the government He has delegated to you concerning your extended world—your home, family, business, and possessions. Finally, God's plan is for you to partner with Him on the earth in broader realms of influence and authority—your universal world. Jesus, the sovereign King over the earth, wants to rule institutions, cultures, societies, and governments through you and your prayers. Authority in Prayer will show you how to take hold of God's promises and pray with the authority He wants you to have. God needs you. Are you ready to use your God-given authority to further His kingdom?

Greater_Works "Greater Works"
by Smith Wigglesworth



Smith Wigglesworth was extraordinarily used by God to see souls saved, bodies healed, and lives changed. Even in the face of death, Wigglesworth did not waver in his faith, because he trusted the Great Physician. Your heart will be stirred as you read in Wigglesworth's own words the dramatic accounts of miraculous healings of people whom the doctors had given up as hopeless. Discover how God can enable you to reach out to a hurting world and touch all who come your way with His love.

 God's Supernatural Power

"God's Supernatural Power"
by Bobby Conner



Heaven and hell pose the same question to each of us. The Spirit of God and the devil alike want to know: "Who do you think you are?" It is an important question, and the eternal destiny of millions rides on the answer. The Body of Christ today is having an identity crisis of unprecedented proportions. If we are to fulfill our spiritual destiny, we must know who we are. But first we must understand who Christ is - only in relation to Him can we comprehend our true spiritual identity. Although we are made in God's image, He made us unique. God delights to display Himself in our individuality - He loves diversity. Discover who you are through God's Supernatural Power - today!